Directors Letter

Dear fans,

We live in a time when changes are constant, and in Abierto GNP Seguros we know and adapt to them, so every year we are in search of improvements what to offer them so that our tournament remains at the cusp.

In the last edition we decided to enter the elite of the great capitals of the world by offering together the women's and men's tournaments in the same week, and this year we will repeat the scheme, which was to your liking.

What has not changed is the level of players that visit us and that every year request to be included in our tournament, because they know the treatment they receive from both you and fans, as we do from organizers.
Thanks to our sponsors, the media, our staff and team of volunteers, the Abierto GNP Seguros has remained the sporting party of the City of Monterrey.

And this year will not be the exception, we have a new date that will help us to have high level tennis players, some players who had not visited us now will be with us and will show us the quality that has made our tournament grow more and more.

Thank you,
Hernán Garza Echavarría
Tournament Director